Get Super memory: 10 tips to boost memory and focus

boost memory and focus

How to boost memory and focus.

Anyone should boost memory and focus before preparing for an exam. For this, it is necessary to do things for memory development. Memory is a group of information. This information is received through our five sense organs: the eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin. But we do not remember everything that enters like this.

Some information stays in the memory for a while and is forgotten. Some information is remembered for a long time. If he or she remembers all the things happening in the environment, he or she will become a maniac. Naturally, the information in our memory stores is forgotten over time. It has to happen and it is very common.

However, it is mandatory for anyone preparing for an exam to retain some information in their memory for a long time. What is important here is to recall and update the memorized information and retain it for a long time. We can follow many special memory enhancement methods for this. Well, now let’s talk about how to boost memory and focus.

1. Pay full attention

Attention is the key to memory. You can’t learn anything without attention. Attention is required for information to enter even short-term memory first. The extent to which the information goes from short-term memory to long-term memory is determined by the amount and methods you use to pay attention. For example, when you are enjoying your favorite movie, you don’t care about your surroundings. Sometimes someone speaks loudly to you but you don’t hear it. Because at that time your full attention is focused on that movie.

In this way, if you can devote your full attention to learning activities, the information will definitely remain in your long-term memory. However, it depends on the level of interest you have in what you are doing.

When you do something, if you want to do it with high concentration, stay away from things that interfere with it, i.e. things that distract you. For example, when you are studying something, stay away from TV, radio, etc. If someone says that you can study well while watching TV and listening to the radio, it is a blatant lie. Because then our total attention is divided into parts. For best results in memory, it is best to do one thing at a time to boost memory and focus.

2. Avoid memorizing all the same information

boost memory and focus

When you are learning a subject, you will not get the proper results by memorizing all the details and repeating the same subjects continuously. What should be done when studying something is to add as many aids as possible to it and engage in exercises related to it. Let’s consider two examples.

  • Let’s say you are studying the human eye in biology.

First, read all the details related to it. Pay attention to the diagrams there. Next, look at the diagrams there and draw them on paper and name the parts. It is advisable to do this several times. Then draw those diagrams regardless of the primary source. It is advisable to do this several times from time to time even after you are completely successful at it. Now you may feel a sense of belonging at that particular point. Then you will naturally turn to learn its other aspects.

Images usually do a far greater job than words. With this example, I am trying to make a basic introduction on how to do the work in a fun way by adding as much support as possible instead of reading every part of it in the traditional way as soon as I start studying a certain subject.

  • Imagine you are studying trigonometry in mathematics.

There are various concepts in trigonometry, while learning each concept you should do some amount of practice related to each concept so that you often solve the same problems. But if you have learned all the concepts of trigonometry but you are only solving problems related to one concept then there is a problem. It is your own deception.

All you have to do is solve the problems by relating all the concepts of trigonometry and creating such problems yourself. That is, you actively contribute to the learning process. When this is done, all the specific facts are remembered well and the ability to recall those facts also improves. This is how we boost memory and focus.

3. Prepare a structure and outline the facts

What is done here is to organize a group of information in a more simple and atomic way. Here, putting similar information in one pile, using tables to show information, using diagrams, using different colors in a certain atomic order. Instead of asterisks, use numbers instead of asterisks, use graphs, use multimedia, use video, use sounds, and other techniques. Let us explain this with a simple example.

  • Imagine you are studying the water cycle in science

The principles of the water cycle can be presented to us very simply by using a diagram so that we can remember all the principles in an atomic way and very easily recall those facts quickly.

4. Use of technical support and use of substitute support

Under this, modern methods such as repeatedly listening to recorded audio tapes, watching videotapes related to that matter, adjusting a certain matter to match the tune of a certain song, or replacing it with a joke can be indicated. This is something that I have personally experienced as a very effective method. You can use this method to remember very difficult parts.

5. Recall and reform

boost memory and focus
How to boost memory and focus.

Here the parts of the subject we have studied will be re-examined later. We can do this by reflecting on those points and writing them down in an atomic and orderly manner where you may not remember certain points, where you can refer back to specific parts. After that, by writing those facts in the above manner, you can get a specific understanding of the amount you have currently absorbed.

It is not advisable to do this by rote. Because sometimes we can easily remember the things we say we have forgotten while answering, and we cannot easily remember the things we think we remember. Therefore, after studying specific facts, writing, again and again, can be presented as a very good method of boost memory and focus.

6. Make connections between new studies whenever possible

When you are going to study something new, whenever possible, looking at it through the concepts and experiences you have studied before will make it easier for you to understand the new concept easily and quickly. You may not learn anything new when looking at the relationships there. It may simply be the same concepts you have learned before, given a new name and presented in a new way.

7. Visualize and picture

Sometimes we do this unconsciously. For example, when you read a novel, you picture the characters and events in it. This can also be used for our educational activities. For example, in the section called Biological Evolution in Biology, we can visualize the gradual evolution of humans. And we can take all the details related to it in a single image. Here, those specific facts are re-remembered in an atomic way. By repeating this, those parts of the short-term memory move to the long-term memory in a very fast and stable manner. Also, things like frequently viewing the images prepared in this way belong to this category.

8. Teach someone who doesn’t know what you know

boost memory and focus
How to boost memory and focus.

This will improve one’s memory and the ability to present memorized information in an accurate and concise manner. And you will have a very high level of confidence and self-confidence regarding the subjects you have learned.

9. Focus more on difficult things

If you have to put more effort into something than you normally need to understand and remember something, it can be difficult for you. This can change depending on your state of mind. What needs to be done here is to pay more attention and use the above-mentioned special learning methods and memorization methods more for that purpose. A few days of extra practice will make that difficult part very easy for you. This is a good method for boost memory and focus.

10. Use your own method for the learning process

Each person’s daily routine, personality, and tastes are different, so only he can substitute what is most suitable for each person. This is also related to the study process. A place of study for some. How to study Things like study time can strongly influence the effectiveness of the process. Therefore, it is very important to understand for yourself how exactly it suits you. Here sometimes the things used to study and improve memory can be unique in themselves. The most important thing here is to be able to assure yourself that the things you follow uniquely for yourself have produced the results you want.

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how to boost memory and focus.
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