Want to learn perfect: 8 tips How to create a good study environment.

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How to create a good study environment?

We shared some study tips with you earlier. So in one of those study tips, we talked about the need to keep our study area clean. So today we will talk in more detail about how to create a good study environment.

1. Should there be a table in a good study environment?

Most of the time we are all accustomed to working with a table and a chair but more than that, we can choose any place where we can study without feeling sleepy or bored. It does not necessarily have to be a chair and a table in a good study environment.

2. Purity and light

ow to create a good study environment

We have said before that we can choose where we want to study. But studying in a dirty place can be stressful. We can at least study under a tree if it is clean. So keep your study area as clean and tidy as possible.

It is also important to have good lighting in the study area for a good study environment. It is best to choose a place where light is as natural as possible. If you use a light bulb to light it, it is better if it is located in a place where the light does not fall directly on your face and cause discomfort.

3. Extremely neat and beautiful

It is also a headache for us to overstate the study area and make the study area more attractive. Filling your study area with various dolls and toys, in particular, can be annoying to your mind. So keep the study area tidy but do not overdo it.

4. Comfort and space

how to create a good study environment

Another factor to consider when choosing a good study environment is how quiet and convenient the study area will be. Especially if the place where you study is always sweaty and there is not enough space to study, it is not appropriate to choose it as your place of study. So choose a comfortable place where you can study. It is important to create a good study environment.

5. A quiet place

As mentioned earlier, it has to be a comfortable place to study, and quiet. Especially because of the TV, when you hear that sound, your mind is more likely to focus on the TV than the lesson. Also, stay away from the phone as much as possible. If you have a phone, turn it off when you study.

6. Do not pile up books

how to create a good study environment

The lesson we study, the school notes related to it, the class tutorials, the paper question, and the textbook all at once on your desk, you will automatically become lazy to study. So keep only the essentials on the table as much as possible. Do not make your place of study a pile of books. It is important for a good study environment.

7. Table and chair

how to make study environment at home

When we face an exam, sit in a chair with the paper on a desk and write down the answers. If you create an environment similar to that situation at home and engage in homework, you will be able to memorize more of what you study at home. Of course, a home cannot be converted into an exam hall but you can use a desk or a chair to create such an environment to some extent and try this work.

Also, it is important to use the study area only for study purposes. Do not eat or play games there. Use the study area only for study work. It will also help you to memorize the lessons learned.

So you now know how to create a good study environment, so it is not enough to just set the table. Do your homework well.

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8. Stay off your phone

It is said that students who keep their phones off or away while studying do better academically than those who do not. There are several reasons for this.

First, when you have your phone with you, it is very tempting to check it every few minutes. This disrupts your concentration and makes it harder to focus on your studies.

Second, even if you do not check your phone, having it nearby can be a distraction. It can be hard to resist the urge to take a quick peek at what’s going on in the world or on social media.

Third, using your phone while studying can lead to procrastination. It is easy to start browsing the web or playing games when you should be working on your assignments.

So, if you want to create a good study environment, it is best to keep your phone off or away while you are studying. This way, you can avoid distractions and stay focused on your work.

how to make study environment at home

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