How to develop a photographic memory? 7 Amazing tips.

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory

How to get photographic memory?

Honestly, we don’t think anyone can have a photographic memory. Now, why do we think that a photographic memory can’t be achieved by anyone? The reason is simply that it has not yet been confirmed that there are people in this world who have such a photographic memory.

A photographic memory means having the ability to remember something you saw or happened in the past at any time you want, just like zooming in on a photograph. There, we need to recall even the smallest details that were not actively noticed at the time of the event. Now when we take a photo, even if it is a small vase of flowers that we did not see in the corner of the photo, we will see it later when we zoom in on the photo. So, there is no answer to the question of “how to develop a photographic memory”.

Now, if you leave those things aside, any of us can recall one incident of our life very clearly like a photo. But we are not able to remember anything like that and pull it out again when needed. That’s why it is said that it has not been proven that there are people in this world who have such a photographic memory.

Okay, let’s put the photographic memory aside. Can’t we make a pretty good memory? It means having a much better memory than an average person. It will not be impossible. Let’s try it!

1. Write short notes

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory
how to develop a photographic memory

One of the best memory techniques to remember things is to write down what you want to remember. For example, suppose we want to remember some lesson. Then we usually try to remember the contents of the book or computer by reading them. But, it is more successful if we write that content again. It means that if there is a part of the lesson in a book, it is not meant to copy it completely again. Remember, this means writing, not typing. Typing it on a computer or any other digital device does not go to memory. But by writing short notes in your handwriting in the old way, the chances of memorizing them will increase.

2. Sentences like Rhymes

This is a way of teaching us to remember things from a very young age. If you want to remember some information in a certain order, all you have to do is to start with the first letters of that information and make some other words into a sentence that gives some meaning. Once you remember that information, you will never forget it!

3. Memory Palace

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory

This is a very popular way to remember things. Loci technique is the best name for this. As you can hear, this system was created in ancient Greece. This memory palace method is very good to remember different lists, birthdays, names, and faces. All we have to do is connect the information we want to remember with things that are very familiar to us.

Okay, let’s start with a simple example. We want to remember the list of things to go to the store and bring. Now let’s replace the various items on that list with the kitchen that we are familiar with. There is a box of twenty eggs in the fridge. Since the box is open, we can count 20 eggs. There are some leeks on top of the cupboard next to it. It says 250 grams there. Large margarine on the second shelf of the cupboard. A box of corn flex on the bottom floor. Imagine it with its brand and size.

There are some pieces of soap spread on the washing machine next to it. Three detergents and four pieces of coconut soap. There is a vim liquid at the end of the sink further away. On this side of the sink is a hand wash. A bag of rice is placed on the chair on the other side. On that bag of rice, it is written in big letters that it is five kilos of red raw rice.

Now if we want to recall that list again, all we have to do is remember the kitchen we are familiar with. Then you can remember what is in those places. Especially, since there is no way to forget a certain place in the kitchen, there is no way to forget even the items of goods that we put in those places.

4. Make a song with music

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory
How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory

Earlier, we talked about remembering things in rhyming sentences. We can take that a little further. Imagine that we need to remember some information that is a little more complicated but in a sequence. Then one thing we can do is, just like that, use some funny words that start with the first letter to start the words of that information and make that set of words into a song. You have to remember, that when you use different words, you have to think that all those words should have some meaning.

Okay, now after making a sentence or two or three or more by attaching such words. Let’s make music for it. Rather than making a separate piece of music, it is more successful to sing it to the tune of a song we know well. Now when we want to remember that information, what we need is to remember the tune of that known song. Then we remember those lines of verse. Now, remember what the first letter of each word in those verses means.

5. Divide into groups

This is also a good trick to remember things like those lists. That is, finding certain patterns in that list and dividing those patterns into different categories. Let’s take an example. Think we have a list of items to bring.

Now we write that list first. Now let’s see what are the simplest patterns. One is to group them in alphabetical order. That is one group of items starting with that letter. Another group of things starts with the letter B. There are no things with the letter C. Next, is a group starting with the letter D. Otherwise, if desired, we can group the items according to their nature. Gardening and swimming things are one group. Another group of cleaning things. The ones that are put while cooking are another group. After doing the groups like that, remember what those groups are and the number of items in each group.

6. Name the numbers

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory

Now remembering those numbers is a major problem for many people. One way to do that is to memorize numbers using the above-mentioned Memory Palace method. And this is another method. It may seem a bit complicated, but once you get used to it, it’s quite easy. This is for how to develop a photographic memory.

First, let’s use the most commonly used letters of the English alphabet for the numbers one through nine. e, t, a, I, o, n, s, h, r. Now let’s put these into numbers. 1=e, 2=t, 3=a, 4=i, 5=o, 6=n, 7=s, 8=h, 9=r, 0=b. Now let’s say we want to remember eight numbers. 21489673. Let’s break it into two four-digit pieces. 2148 and 9673. Now let’s apply the letters corresponding to those numbers. teih, rnsa. Now let’s think of two meaningful words that can be remembered more. Taliho, Rinzo. But we have to remember that even though we remember Taliho and Rinso, the letters are written as teih and rnsa.

Now, what do we remember with those two words? As soon as Tallyho is mentioned, we remember the Silver Hawks cartoon. When I say Rinzo, I remember a packet of Rinzo. That’s it. When I wanted to remember that number again, I remembered the Silver Hawks and Rinzo packet, I remembered the two words related to those two pictures, and I remembered the actual spelling of those two words. Next, you only have to use the numbers related to those letters. But first of all, you have to remember that this means that these letters apply to these numbers.

7. Keypad Method

How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory
How to develop a photographic memory How to get photographic memory

We don’t know if there is such a thing as called keypad method. But this is a method we have learned from experience. Now we have to remember very short numbers. That means let’s say numbers from the minimum four digits to the maximum ten digits. These include credit and debit card PINs and telephone numbers. Now try it regularly on a number pad. For example, if it is a telephone number, always dial it on the phone’s keypad.

Whenever you want to make a call, go through speed dial or call list or contacts and always dial it manually instead of taking the call. after doing this for a while, the number will be memorized automatically. Then the PIN is also the same. Always try to hit that number on a keypad. And then, the relevant numbers will remember the pattern to be pressed on the keypad. But you have to remember one thing, the numbers on the keypad of the keyboard are not the pattern of the numbers on the keypad of the telephone.

Then, practicing on the keyboard’s keypad to remember a telephone number will not work. You need to practice the relevant number on the keypad.

Now, these are the techniques that can be used to create a good memory. Apart from this, there are other things you can do to keep your brain power at a high level. One example is living a healthy, wholesome life. It means that when you exercise regularly, eat balanced nutritious food regularly, live without bad addictions, do things that give your brain exercise, and read books, the brain power is at a good level. That means you get a good memory. Don’t forget to share this article about how to develop a photographic memory with your friends who wants to know about how to get photographic memory. for more study tips – click here.

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How to develop a photographic memory.
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