How to do Mind Mapping? 7 important tips

how to do Mind Mapping

How to do Mind Mapping? and Mind Map tips

What is Mind mapping? In short, mind mapping is a kind of illustration. That’s mind mapping is a way to visualize an idea, a concept, a task, something to learn, or something that comes to our mind. Not as hard as it sounds. But with this mind mapping method, anything can be seen as a broader picture. Today, I’m going to talk about how to do mind mapping and mind map tips.

Everything can be mapped from the main concept to the way forward. There is no need to think first about whether a structure should be definite or in order.

So let’s talk about what is mind mapping, how to do Mind Mapping, and some tips to make Mind Mapping a success.

how to do Mind Mapping

1. Types of Mind Maps

If you want a mind map, you can draw it as you see fit. But it is not a loss to know about the types of mind maps that are widely used.

Flow Map

It is a visual diagram of how the process flows forward. This is awesome to show a process.

Multi-Flow Map

This is good to show how the sub-ideas in it spread from the main idea. The cause and effect can be clearly shown by this.

Brace Map

This is often a good way to map things like facts. I mean, “here are the sub-parts of this”. It’s easy to show things like “this that are more relevant to these three subsections”.

Tree Map

This is also a good way to organize and demonstrate the basics of a basic idea.

Circle Maps

This is a slightly different mind map. There is an idea in the middle nucleus. The rings around it symbolize an idea or fact related to the idea or fact in the ring before that ring.

Bubble Maps

This is also a map that can show something in the middle of that main story, with subdivisions around it.

Double Bubble Maps

These are a bit like the diagrams we learned in the set lesson. This is similar to the bubble map mentioned above, but it has a set of commonalities.

2. Start in the middle

how to do Mind Mapping
how to do mind mapping. mind map tips

Work should start from the middle of an empty leaf or empty space. That means a main concept or subject is written in the middle first. From there we can continue the work as the branches spread. Sometimes a complex mind map may have more than one main subject. The main point in the middle is the beginning.

3. All the necessary information

Here this is very important. A mind map is a concise summary. But it should add all the information. Let’s take an example. We are creating a mind map to achieve our goals for the coming year. Then in the middle is “Target-2023”. From there, the first goal is to lose weight. Then it will not just be written down. The relevant parameter should be specified in either 110 -> 85. Can’t stop there. That goal must be broken into pieces. They should also be mentioned.

4. Monochrome

For example, it may not be possible to switch color pens and draw when doing mind maps while studying some subjects. That’s why there is no problem with a single-color mind map. But if you can put little color labels on the work, it’s great and then a mind map becomes more attractive because it can be grasped well in the head. That’s why it’s okay to use a little color when drawing a mind map in a brainstorming session!

5. Photos, Videos

This is an alternative. This means that if you draw a mind map by hand, you will not be able to attach photos to it. But sometimes it can be useful to draw sketches like that. For example, we draw a new marketing strategy on a mind map. It’s about loyalty cards. Then it is okay to make a small sketch of the loyalty card where it is about the loyalty card. That means things like the items that need to be included on either side of that loyalty card.

how to do Mind Mapping

But now there are digital tools for mind mapping. Then you can include things like photos, pictures, and videos in those mind maps. Include as many as possible. It further illustrates the broader picture of that mind map.

6. For you or others?

This is also something to think about when making a mind map. For whom is a mind map drawn? Mostly for you? But imagine, when you draw a mind map, think of it as a presentation to others. When we make a mind map of ourselves, we do not include what we know at that time and what is in our heads at that time. The best example is the mind map about the 2023 goals that we name for ourselves, and there is little chance of a deadline breakdown being mentioned in it. Why do we know that? But six months from now, when we look at that mind map, do we still remember that? I do not know.

So the best thing to do is to think that this Mind Map is something that is created for others to see.

7. Mind Mapping Tools

how to do Mind Mapping

All you need to draw a mind map is a blank piece of paper and a pen of one color or multi-color pens. But as we said above, it is now possible to create mind maps digitally as well. Finally, I would like to introduce some website services and apps that are suitable for your mind mapping task.


XMind 8




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how to do mind mapping.
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