Get 100 marks: how to study effectively for exams at home

how to study effectively for exams at home

how to study effectively for exams at home

This is a question that many students ask. Let’s talk about this today with some study tips. Let’s see how to study effectively for exams at home. Many students say when they are learning, they can’t remember things. Here I have given the solution to that problem. When We Learn, We have to remember what we learn. Let’s talk about these methods.

What do low markers need to do?

Study all lessons one by one and Evaluate yourself by a unit paper. It will improve your knowledge and help to increase your scores.

What do you do if you have a good mark level?

Do full papers and watch the lessons you don’t remember. Then Study those lessons until you can write all the answers to questions from that lessons. It is essential to do the past papers.

1. Make a short note

Make a short note from your lesson while you study because if you will want to see the lesson again, You can read the short note and remind things. Also, It will help you to remember lesson points. One part should be studied well at least 3 times before going to the exam. Some parts need to be done this way. Make a table for those lesson parts and recite the same 1,2,3 time. Put a tick on it next time you finish studying. Clear those lessons. This is important for a person that asks how to study effectively for exams at home.

2. The star system

Make a list of difficult lessons for you. Then get a star card. When studying for the first time, use one color and for the second time use another color. You have to decide how much you want to study. Because you know how much you need to study to remember a lesson. After that, every time you study the lesson, put the corresponding color and stick the stars. When the table is filled, the heart will rejoice with such joy.

3. Do past papers. Study the difficult parts again

how to study effectively for exams at home
how to study effectively for exams at home

If it is very close to the exam, if it is less than 6 months, definitely do this. At least you have studied the day before the term exams. So take past papers. Just set the timing and do it. Then note down the difficult parts that you find hard, and then study until you remember well. Do the same question again and study as much as you can. This applies to every section of every subject.

Analyze papers while doing past papers. Then you can learn the lessons that come. And you can get guessings with it. This is important for finding paper patterns. So doing past papers is important for everyone who asks how to study effectively for exams at home.

4. Make Mind Maps

This is the way to pile up lessons like biology. Make the map with special points in the head. Also, don’t forget to write it down on a piece of paper. When you do that, it is easy to accumulate those lessons.

5. Teach someone else what you remember.

Study it first and then teach it to someone else or use it like a whiteboard and teach yourself. Do that and see if you remember. This is a very successful method when studying. Also, you need to remind yourself of what you have learned. After about a week, see if you remember it. Otherwise, study again and keep that lesson in touch.

6. MNemics method

This is about the work we all do. That is, if we don’t remember something we have to study no matter how much we study it, we make something like a poem or a song and study it. For example, we study the periodic table and activity series with a song. That’s what I’m talking about here. Of course, you can get very successful results with this too.

7. Think practically

Things like physics are very practical based. So by studying something to be studied in it and practically replacing it with something from our daily life, you can remember that part well.

8. Visualize what you are studying.

how to study effectively for exams at home
how to study effectively for exams at home

You can remember the things you study in the form of conceptual images. You need to keep your mind in one place for this. If you do that, you can do this. It can be used for many things like pictures, a short note you wrote, and a map.

9. Humanify technique

This is a good tip for the question of how to study effectively for exams at home. We can remember things to study as people’s names. It is important to remember the parts of chemistry and biology in this method. You want to remember the characteristics of tissues in bio. So you remember that tissue as a man. So the characteristics of that man are taken as the characteristics of the tissues. In this way, you can learn a big lesson in a small and quick way.

10. Record the revision and listen again

You can record the important things of the parts you are studying with your voice recorder and listen to them again and again. Then surely you will remember those parts. The advantage of this is that you can do this while you are doing other work. You can listen to the records while you are gardening or going somewhere. Make a records album like this and remember all those parts again.

11. Make a notes wall.

how to study effectively for exams at home
how to study effectively for exams at home

Take the important things you have to study on a calendar paper and write them on the wall. That means keeping them where you can see them all the time. And take some time a day to read them all from cover to cover. At the same time, update the notes wall every week. It means that you will remember the things that you posted. Put another part there after that. But if you don’t remember it, leave it for a few days and change it when the lessons are over.

12. Put the phone aside

Nowadays, the main thing on the mind is the phone. As soon as a notification comes to the phone, we take it. After that, after sitting for a while, we pick up the phone to see why there is no notification. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, Calls, etc. It is no use when we respond to every unsaid message and go back to work. Therefore, when you want to focus and do something, first turn off the data on the phone, or turn on airplane mode or completely turn off the phone and put your mind to the work. This tip is very important if you want to study effectively for exams at home.

This will be a bit difficult at first. The hand will automatically go to the phone. But get used to it little by little. After all, seeing posts on various topics on Facebook and Instagram makes my mind wander too much. First a couple, then a meal, then a political rant. When these things come to mind, even if we go to work, the habit of limiting our mind to one thing is automatically lost.

13. Plan tomorrow

After the day is over, you have to think about the work done. At the end of the day, it is essential to analyze your work and the time it takes to do the work and plan how you want tomorrow to be. This is as good as written on paper or, like dreams seen in sleep, they are forgotten in the morning. After looking at it, think about the target you want to go to, take a good breath and get down to work. You will be able to focus well and build the day.

So we talked about how to study effectively for exams at home. 13 study tips were given to you. I think this will be very important for those of you who are preparing to appear for the exams.

how to study effectively for exams at home

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how to study effectively for exams at home.
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